Martini Manna Avvocati provides assistance both in non-contentious and contentious matters to Italian and foreign companies active in the information technology sector.

The firm’s professionals advise leading companies in the digital innovation industry every day, defining the best ways to exploit their innovations, both drafting and negotiating the relevant agreements with their clients.

The firm also advises companies active in online content commercialisation, by drafting acquisition, licence or distribution agreements relating to such content, or other types of exploitation agreements that allow, for instance, companies to raise revenue through sales of the relevant advertising inventory.

It also advices any company interested in having its own commercial website, for example, in order to pursue e-commerce activities; this, by studying the project, providing suggestions for drafting the relevant terms and conditions, privacy policies and other documents that may be required depending on the website content (for instance, because of the need to comply with advertising laws).

In contentious matters, the firm often deals with proceedings involving IT, in particular, proceedings for the infringement and re-assignment of domain names, for trademark and copyright infringement via the Internet, for violation of other rights (for instance, image or privacy rights) via the Internet.

The firm’s latest experiences include:
preliminary injunction for infringement of sui generis database right on behalf of a leading Italian IT company;
assistance to a leading multinational company in online content distribution, i.e. in drafting and negotiating licence agreements on worldwide sport content and its broadcasting by means of a specific web-channel, and in the distribution of the latter to third parties;
daily assistance to a leading Italian company in the digital innovation industry, in the management of all the agreements relating to the company’s activities: non-disclosure agreements, outsourcing agreements, software licence agreements, consulting agreements, R&D agreements etc.;
assistance to a multinational pharmaceutical company building a commercial website dedicated to its products.