Media, Telecommunication and IT

We are qualified to provide advice on a broad range of legal areas to the media industry, including new media, telecommunication and IT companies.

Industrial Design

We have extensive experience in providing legal assistance to companies and/or individuals operating in the development and/or manufacturing of both high-end and mass consumer designer goods.

Brands and Luxury Brands

We can provide assistance in all cases where clients need to protect a brand or a company’s distinctive sign or to build a legal framework around it. We have expertise in both contentious and non-contentious brand protection.


We counsel companies and/or bodies (including university research departments and spin-offs) dedicated to implementating new technologies and/or needing to protect proprietary technologies or know-how against infringement or misappropriation.

Life Sciences

We have substantial experience in assisting companies in the pharmaceutical and medical devices fields, both in patent infringement court cases and in the drafting and negotiating of research agreements and clinical trial agreements.

Food, Bio and Food Certifications

We provide assistance and advice to operators in the food and food farming fields, with particular focus on legal issues regarding certifications for food products and the so called “trademarks of quality”.

Art, Music, Photography, Theatre, Dance, Entertainment

We have extensive experience in dealing with legal issues arising in all fields in which the creative and artistic component is essential. We may provide legal assistance in this area to companies, authors and other right-holders who need to protect their copyright or related rights on (musical, pictorial, photographical, theatrical, choreutic etc.) works, in court or out of court, and may also assist in dealing with collecting societies.


We advise and assist a number of companies active in the publishing field, including both traditional paper publishing and digital publishing, and offer specialised legal services in relation to the development and acquisition of contents, their publication and/or diffusion and their protection.

Prize competitions, Gaming and Betting

We advice on all legal matters relevant in developing and implementing prize competitions, games and betting operations in Italy.

Textiles and Fashion

We advise and assist companies active in the textiles and fashion field, both through the drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements, and through legal proceedings against counterfeiting.



We are experienced in providing advice on patent, design and trademark issues (including parallel import) to car maufacturers and maufacturers of components or devices for vehicles. We have also acquired specific expertise in spare parts issues.