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The Court of Venice protects the trademark “Cleopatra” against counterfeiting and unfair competition

The Court of Venice, by order dated 26.11.2021, granted protection to the trademark “Cleopatra”, registered by a Croatian entrepreneur and licensed by her to her company which is active in the production and marketing of depilatory products. The case was brought as a precautionary proceeding against a competitor who […]

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Coronavirus: impact on IP rights

National Rights (updated to decree-law no. 23/2020 and to IPTO notices of 14.04.2020):

deadlines are suspended from 23 February 2020 until 15 May 2020, with no need to apply for the suspension;
certificates, permits, concessions and authorisations, however named, expiring between 31 January and 15 April 2020, will remain valid until […]

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The Milan IP Court grants copyright protection to the Vitra chairs designed by the Eames

By decision no. 4595/18 of last April, the Milan IP Court granted copyright protection to some chairs designed by well-known US designers Charles and Ray Eames, produced and marketed exclusively by Vitra, whose copyrights were infringed by two Italian companies that marketed unauthorised copies. The protected chairs included, among […]

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The Milan IP Court gives its view on jurisdiction over online IP infringements

In a recent order issued in preliminary (injunction) proceedings, the Milan IP Court summarised its standpoint on jurisdiction and venue for infringements of IP rights committed online.

Having been enjoined by the same court from marketing women’s bags that were found to infringe on the trademark and design rights of […]

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Trademark infringement, parallel imports and burden of proof: Converse succeeds before the Court of Milan

(Court of Milan – Enterprise Matters Specialized Section – Ruling No. 1409/2015)

The section of the Milan Court dealing with IP matters recently issued an interesting ruling in a trademark infringement and parallel import case.

The lawsuit had been filed by Converse Italia—the Italian branch and the exclusive licensee on Italy’s […]

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2012 Report on EU Customs enforcement of IPRs published

(by Francesca Maculan)

The European Commission (“EC”) has recently published its report for the year 2012 on EU customs’ enforcement of intellectual property rights (“IPR”) in the European Union (“EU”). The report, published each year since 2000 based on data transmitted by the national customs administrations to the EC, gives […]

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